Equestrian Trail
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Equestrian Trail

The Equestrian Trail is 12.5 miles (20.12 km) round-trip. The trail is an improved grass covered dirt trail, winding through wooded areas and open grasslands. The trail is 16’ wide and can accommodate 3 to 4 riders side by side. Rest areas situated at various locations along the trail include a covered picnic table and a hitching post. Drinking water is available for horses at trailhead only. Horses are allowed to drink from the lake at your own risk.

A current negative Coggins Test must be registered at the Brackenridge Park Office before entering the trail. (Form VS 10-11), compliance with the Texas Animal Health Commission rules. All riders in a group must be registered and provide required documentation which shall be made available for inspection upon request of any LNRA personnel acting within the scope of their official duties.
Please call ahead for trail conditions. The trail may close if the Park receives excessive rain.

Trail passes are $8.00 per horse and overnight trailer parking is available for $20.00 per night. Horse pens are available on a first come, first served basis for $2 per day. You must provide your own lock, chain, food and water for the stalls. There is a water source available for watering the horses. For overnight stays, horses can be stalled at the Main Event Center covered stalls for $25.00 per night. Special permits are required for wagons, portable Bar-B-Que pits and portable restrooms.

For more information, please contact the staff at Brackenridge Park at (361) 782-5456.

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