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Texana Community Education Center


The Lavaca-Navidad River Authority created the Texana Community Education Center to connect the public with the wildlife of Jackson County in a safe and educational atmosphere. We offer two spaces; The Nature Center and the Texana Room.

Our Nature Center has over two dozen live animal exhibits for our visitors to enjoy and to learn about the species native to our area. We offer fun and engaging on-site and off-site programs for groups, schools, or businesses which includes live animal interaction. We bring the fun to our visitors by hosting a wide range of activities throughout the year including weekend programs, nature camps, kiddie camps and much more.

The Texana Room is home to our weekend educational programs and activities! The open floor layout, mixed with the beautiful views of Lake Texana is the perfect space to host your next meeting, conference, birthday party, baby shower, or hold a small gathering!

This was a joint project in association with and funded through the Lavaca-Navidad River Authority and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

We are open Tuesday - Saturday: 9AM - 4PM Follow us on Facebook "Texana Community Education Center". 344 Park Rd. 2 Edna, TX 77957 361-782-2070

Come explore at our facility! We can't wait to meet you!

Thank You!

In addition to Texas Parks & Wildlife and LNRA funds, LNRA was awarded $5,700.00 from the Young Family Foundation to make our wish for an interactive display a reality.

Check us out!

Make sure to check out Michael & Bridget’s fun & educational Nature Programs! Subscribe to our YouTube Page and share the videos with your kiddos! 

All About Snakes!

Michael and Bridget are here to tell you a little about the differences between a Bullsnake and the Sonoran Gophersnake! 

Red-Eared Sliders!

BRC Public Outreach Coordinator, Michael Price, is here to tell us all about Red-Eared Sliders! Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook “Texana Park Nature Center” and “Brackenridge Recreation Complex”! 

What is a Giant Vinegaroon?

Michael & Bridget are back with another educational video for you guys! This time, Michael tells us all about the Giant Vinegaroon! Check it out! 

Texas Ratsnake!

Michael & Bridget are back with another educational video! Share this with the kiddos and learn all about the Texas Ratsnake! Check it out!  


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