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Nature Center


The Texana Park Nature Center has been one of the highlights of Texana Park since its inception back when the Park was actually the Lake Texana State Park. When the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department closed the state park in 2012, the Lavaca-Navidad River Authority stepped in to preserve one of Jackson County’s hidden gems and has had the governing control over the center since then.

The Texana Park Nature Center is the perfect place to come face to face with wildlife. The center is open most weekends and offers interactive programs for visitors of all ages. Please visit our events calendar to view special programs hosted at the Nature Center throughout the year. Please call the Texana Park office to see if the Nature Center will be open during your stay with us.

Local naturalist Cindy Baker (known affectionately by most as Ranger Cindy!) elected to stay and carry on her mission of educating the public about the flora and fauna of Jackson county and the watershed of our rivers up until her retirement in May of 2019. Michael Price, a longtime naturalist from western Texas was hired as the Public Education Coordinator in May of 2019 to carry on the mission of flora and fauna education.

Coming Soon!

Community Education Center

The Lavaca-Navidad River Authority and Brackenridge Recreation Complex are excited to announce that there will be a new Community Education Center that will be significant improvement on the facilities that are currently available. The groundbreaking occurred in August 2019 and the Center should be open to the public in Fall 2021. The Community Education Center is being built across the street from the existing Texana Park Nature Center. The new facility will have over 5,000 square feet of exhibit and community space. The Community Education Center was designed to meet both the education needs for the Nature Center as well as providing a Community Room that will provide space for community meetings, trainings and events. This is a joint project in association with and funded through the Lavaca-Navidad River Authority and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. LNRA is proud to be able to provide this new facility in Jackson County.

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Make sure to check out Michael & Bridget’s fun & educational Nature Programs! Subscribe to our YouTube Page and share the videos with your kiddos! 

All About Snakes!

Michael and Bridget are here to tell you a little about the differences between a Bullsnake and the Sonoran Gophersnake! 

Red-Eared Sliders!

BRC Public Outreach Coordinator, Michael Price, is here to tell us all about Red-Eared Sliders! Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook “Texana Park Nature Center” and “Brackenridge Recreation Complex”! 

What is a Giant Vinegaroon?

Michael & Bridget are back with another educational video for you guys! This time, Michael tells us all about the Giant Vinegaroon! Check it out! 

Texas Ratsnake!

Michael & Bridget are back with another educational video! Share this with the kiddos and learn all about the Texas Ratsnake! Check it out!  


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